Thursday, April 17, 2014

How Google Chromebooks Now Run Microsoft Office For Free

I have had my Samsung Chromebook since last November and I have been using (and loving) the entire Google Docs Suite of products. However today I just found out that you can now get Microsoft Office for FREE on your Chromebook! Yes I said FREE and now I have the freedom to choose what application I want to use to blog, spreadsheet and make presentations. Now before I get more carried away than I already am let me say that I consider the entire Microsoft Office Suite to be Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I know that there are other applications in the full suite, but these are the "Big 3" that every business and student tend to use. Now lets take a quick peek on how to get these awesome free tools.  
Here is how to get Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint: 

First go to the Google Store 

Next Use the Search Bar and Type in "Microsoft Word", or "Microsoft Office" 

Then Simply Click on the "Install" button 

Lastly The App is added to your Chromebook, and is ready to use 

I hope this was helpful and it will give you and your Chromebook more flexibility to do whatever job may come your way. I also love it because all of my PC friends would say "it's cool, but it doesn't have Office", but now I feel my Chromebook can stand up to any PC for productivity. Just in case you are wondering this post was written on Microsoft Word using my Samsung Chromebook.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Play Kid Safe Games On Chromebook

Well I have had my Chromebook for a while now, and my kids want to play games on it, and I have found a free way to turn it into a gaming console. Well this is easily done on the Google Play store, but unfortunately too many of the games involve violence, blood and guts. Well I am trying to keep my children from ultra violent video games like many parents are these days, but it is so hard to do. My concern is a valid one and I was getting tired of monitoring all of the downloads that they were asking me to download for them, and so I told them only schoolwork on the Chromebook until further notice. They were not happy with me but they understand my concerns and respected my wishes.

A week went by when I had my 6 year old sons (yes they are twins) come home from school and ask me to use my Chromebook. I asked them why they needed it and they told me that they use Friv in school and want to do it at home as well because it is “fun”. Well not thinking that they know the correct name of the website I did a quick Google search and found Friv4school. So I clicked the search result I saw that looked like this:

I went to the site and I have to say I was so happy that my children told me about this site they use at school as a reward. There are so many games on there including my favorite Flappy bird. Yes you can play the famous Flappy Bird on your Chromebook. You may be thinking that there is a catch, because there always is with free sites with games, but with this one there is no. There is no need to register, sign up or any request for your information. Just go to the site and play games that are kid friendly, some are educational, and most of all they are fun.

I created a YouTube video you may want to check out showing how to use Friv and a few others:

Well I guess all that is left to say is go there and have fun. You can now let your kids go on there and play without fear of them giving up information, or playing games that you may not approve of. I highly suggest you check out the link to free games and start enjoying some gaming on your Chromebook.