Thursday, April 17, 2014

How Google Chromebooks Now Run Microsoft Office For Free

I have had my Samsung Chromebook since last November and I have been using (and loving) the entire Google Docs Suite of products. However today I just found out that you can now get Microsoft Office for FREE on your Chromebook! Yes I said FREE and now I have the freedom to choose what application I want to use to blog, spreadsheet and make presentations. Now before I get more carried away than I already am let me say that I consider the entire Microsoft Office Suite to be Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I know that there are other applications in the full suite, but these are the "Big 3" that every business and student tend to use. Now lets take a quick peek on how to get these awesome free tools.  
Here is how to get Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint: 

First go to the Google Store 

Next Use the Search Bar and Type in "Microsoft Word", or "Microsoft Office" 

Then Simply Click on the "Install" button 

Lastly The App is added to your Chromebook, and is ready to use 

I hope this was helpful and it will give you and your Chromebook more flexibility to do whatever job may come your way. I also love it because all of my PC friends would say "it's cool, but it doesn't have Office", but now I feel my Chromebook can stand up to any PC for productivity. Just in case you are wondering this post was written on Microsoft Word using my Samsung Chromebook.