Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Switching To Chromebook Day 4: Adding New Users To Samsung Chromebook

I have been blogging with my Samsung Chromebook for the last few days and I have not even thought of using my laptop. It is a pure workhorse for me and my productivity has not been this high in months. Well today my oldest two children asked me if they can use my Chromebook for their homework. I told them sure and I was going to turn over my Chromebook to them just to use.

Just before I handed it over to my daughter Abby I told her to hold on a second and I was going to create a profile just for her. She asked me why and I explained to her that it would give her a new Google Drive that she can organize and store all her homework in. She agreed with me that it would be a good idea so that her brother would not be able to see her homework. At the nosey brother comments I just laughed and proceeded to set her up with her own account.

I have tried to set up profiles on Windows PC’s in the past and it always was a bit of a chore. When I tried to do it before I needed to check multiple sources for help and sometimes I still managed to screw it up. With that said I entered this “adding a user” on Chromebook with the expectation that I would mess it up somehow. Well I took a deep breath, and with my daughter watching over my shoulder I was going to attempt to add her as a user.

Putting my faith in Google I clicked on the “Add User” text in the bottom left of the screen. It then asked me to log in with the Google username and password. My daughter did not have one so we clicked on “New User” and filled out the information. Then in a flash she was logged in and ready to do her homework.

Abby went right into Google docs and typed out her homework. She then used Chrome to perform some quick research on the water cycle and finished her homework. In a flash she emailed her teacher and was done. She said thanks, and ran off to watch some TV. I then set my son Tyler up with a profile on my Chromebook and watched him do his homework as well.

Now my Chromebook is not only winning me over as my laptop replacement, but it has won my children over as well. Now I have had it less than a week now and I have to say that my Samsung Chromebook is winning over my entire household. Make sure to check back often to read about my adventures in switching to a Google Chromebook.