Saturday, December 7, 2013

My First Day With A Samsung Google Chromebook

Well is now the first day I'm using my Samsung Chromebook to do my online blogging and making Squidoo web pages. This post as you read it is being done from my Samsung Chromebook.
A little history about why I chose to use the Samsung Chromebook is because my computer was on its last leg and I was looking for something different. My laptop battery has been replaced a couple times over the last 2 years and it never really seem to hold a good charge for a long. So even though I was using my laptop, I always end up needing a cord when I get really involved like most bloggers do when writing a detailed peace. Then one day I stumbled across something about the Chromebook and I read the article and it intrigued me.
I started to look into it and the reviews were always mixed. There seems to be two camps when it comes to Chromebook there's people who love the Chromebook and people who hate the Chromebook. I felt that if I could just read about someone using it for everyday blogging, writing, homework in place of their traditional laptop I would have felt much better about my purchase. Well after much internal debate I bought one and decided to make a blog about using my Chromebook in place of my old HP Laptop.
 Well I have to say that my first full day using my Chromebook instead of my laptop has been a
complete success . I  have done all of my documents in the past on Google Docs and save on Google Drive because I was afraid that any day my old computer would die and I would lose all of my files. Well after turning on the Chromebook for the first time getting into my documents in less than 1 minute was a refreshing change from the old turn it on, go get a soda and wait business from my old laptop. I navigated to Google Documents like a champ and quickly banged out several articles including this one for my blog, and the other for a new Squidoo lens. I was working for at least 2 hours and I was able to do something that I have ever been able to do with my old laptop, and that was not have to rush and look for an outlet to plug my laptop into wall. My little Samsung Chromebook was going strong with no signs of letting up. As a matter of fact the battery was still at 65% with over 4 hours of battery life left to give.This is going to open up new doors for me. I can now blog places I never would have thought of going to before because there was no power outlets to plug into.
Well I'm going to chalk up my first day as a wild success. I will continue to post everyday  Twilight something new that I've learned about my Chromebook. I will also share any tips and tricks that I figured out along the way. Please share this blog with anyone interested in getting a Chromebook,  because it is my goal is to provide a complete inside view 2109 this device is like verses on a laptop. Check back tomorrow I will have my day two of 30 days with a Chromebook ready for you.